Executive and Leadership Coaching

The foundation of Designs to Grow's executive coaching and leadership development programs is built on the understanding that what separates competent leaders from exceptional leaders is their ongoing commitment to their own personal development. Only by mastering the skills it takes to become a visionary leader can they create exponential success: for themselves, for the teams they manage and for the organization as a whole.

The vast majority of corporate training/human resource development programs focus exclusively on the mind, specifically technical job skills development. In the past decade, many of the more progressive corporations have incorporated physical wellness programs to help employees maintain a strong, healthy body. Today, the focus has shifted to the personal development of the aspiring or established leader and those skills that take them from being a competent, dependable manager to one that can propel the organization to new levels through the full investment of their power, energy and passion in the workplace.

Moving senior executives and CEO's to this level is often difficult without a formalized program. They often receive little feedback on these non-technical skills and do not have an objective, reliable source for honest input and confidential support.

The benefits to the organization are numerous. Leaders who are known for developing their people become a destination area for the best, most talented people in the organization. They become the touchstone for the creation of the next generation of leaders for the organization and the trickle-down effect can be the continuous engine which drives the company for years to come.

Leaders can be at various stages of development when beginning a program like this. Desired outcomes are based on the unique needs of the client, but have been broken down into two basic categories: The Aspiring Leader and The Established Leader.

Aspiring Leaders

Profile: High potential individuals advancing through the company hierarchy; technical skills must now be enhanced with the power of personal development skills and knowledge.

  • Improved communication and listening skills
  • Giving and receiving feedback clearly and objectively
  • Strength development and awareness
  • Confidence building and greater self-expression
  • Conflict resolution
  • Integrity awarenessv
  • Consciousness of thought, word and action and how these create your destiny
  • Managing change and transition
  • Growing independence of thought/decisiveness
  • Motivation through the use of recognition

Established Leaders

Profile: Senior executive, CEO, business owners who have mastered the essential foundation of management and leadership but wish to further hone their ability to engage and empower their organization.

  • Creating and communicating a vision
  • Mentoring future leaders
  • Incorporating coaching skills into personal leadership style
  • Sharply defined listening and feedback skills; synthesizing individual input with team and company priorities
  • Following and trusting your instincts
  • Discernment
  • Continued strengthening of character and integrity
  • Present moment awareness
  • Directing and inspiring organizational transition
  • Managing global relationships
  • Growing independence
  • Having a neutral and honest confidant

How Design to Grow's Leadership Development Program is Delivered

Designs to Grow's Leadership Development Program is highly customizable to the needs of the individual as well as the organization. The program can be administered through one-on-one coaching, customized workshops, shadowing, group or individual meetings, visualization, or any combination of the above. Learn more