In an effort to enhance people’s ability to connect; we have added several assessments to our services. Based on the results obtained from the assessments; coaching and training can be implemented to enhance skills.

360 Feedback Assessment

The 360 feedback tool is a powerful way to help professionals at all levels in the organization grow and develop their leadership and interpersonal skills. With increased focus now being put on teamwork, collaboration, generational communicational styles in the workplace and employee development; use of this survey has become increasingly popular. These assessments assist individuals in gathering information from peers, bosses, teammates, customers and direct reports on how they perceive their effectiveness as a leader. This multiple input approach is extremely valuable for improving individual and organizational performance. There are various 360’s made for measuring a wide variety of skill sets and for use at different levels in the organization.

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Emotional Intelligence Assessment

This unique tool which is taken online assesses important aspects of your Emotional Intelligence. After watching several videos of professional situations and then recording your responses, a report is developed delivering valuable information on this crucial skill. This tool is not self assessment which can be misleading but rather behavior based which will more accurately evaluate your EQ.

DISC Assessment

This tool will help you, your team, and your organization understand its’ unique communication style. It will also create awareness around the styles of others thus helping you to enhance and broaden your own communication skills. Based on the results of this assessment, Designs To Grow can custom develop team meetings that will improve communication skills, boost sales, heighten your team’s productivity and increase social harmony.

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