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Executive coaching is for impactful leaders who have key responsibilities and wide spread influence and effect on the organization. The coaching is focused on both the performance of the organization, as well as, the individual leader and is aimed at creating more successful results. Executive coaching is valuable for CEO’s, experienced leaders and aspiring leaders.

Often powerful leaders receive little feedback on their non-technical skills and do not have an objective, reliable source for honest input and need confidential support. With coaching and the wide variety of tools that the coach offers, these leaders can be inspired to make positive, coherent changes which transform them individually and boost their people’s ability to collaborate and perform. Beneficial changes that penetrate the organization can favorably shape the entire culture, including the next generation of leaders.

Organizations who implement executive coaching programs receive numerous benefits. Companies that are known for developing their people become a destination area for the best and most talented people in the industry. Creating a potent leadership pipeline is crucial in today’s world and the trickle- down effect can be the continuous engine which drives the company forward for years to come.

Executive coaching is also for those leaders and executives under extreme pressure who want support in attaining a holistic approach to their highly stressful lifestyle.

The foundation of Designs to Grow’s executive coaching and leadership development program is built on the understanding that what separates competent leaders from exceptional leaders is their ongoing commitment to their own personal development. Only by mastering the skills it takes to become a visionary leader can they create exponential success: for themselves, for the teams they manage and for the organization as a whole.

All coaching is customized to meet the needs of the client and is highly confidential. Call us to find out more. 215-480-1234

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