Executive Recovery Coaching

 Lynn understands the distinct challenges of the executive who is also in recovery and recognizes that coaching may be the exact game changer for their high-pressure life. Her coaching takes on a positive, yet realistic, approach in helping someone reach their recovery and professional goals.

With close to eighteen years in the executive coaching and training industry, Lynn brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, wisdom and skill to her clients, including two recovery coaching certifications. While coaching both experienced and aspiring leaders, she began to notice that some of the professionals she was working with needed additional support in recovering from alcohol or drugs. Because of the unique needs of these clients, who are not only intricately responsible for the success of the organization and its employees, along with being the main bread winner for their family, many of these professionals felt additional stress in maintaining their recovery programs.

 In addition to all of her professional experience, Lynn is highly trained in stress management techniques, is willing to stand by her clients through the ups and downs of recovery, and believes that an executive does not need to lose their edge as they recover, but rather, can tap into a new power within, leading to both personal and professional success and well-being as they realign their goals and vision.

 Since receiving these additional certifications, Lynn has gone on to do coaching and training in drug and alcohol centers and has significantly deepened her understanding of what it takes for a person to maintain their recovery and reduce relapse risk.

 Incorporating coaching can help you create a sustainable recovery program, improve your relationships, health, career and finances.  Transformation CAN happen with the right support, tools and personal commitment.

 Confidentiality is a top priority and coaching can be done in person, via teleconference or skype.

Call Lynn at 215-480-1234 or email her at lynncohen@designstogrow.com. You may also want to check out her other websites at riseuprecoverysolutions.com and lynncohen.com.



BS Degree in Human Development

Certified in Emotional Intelligence

Certified in Mind Body Coaching

Certified Coach (2 year program)

Advanced Certification in Visionary Leadership Coaching (Additional 2 year program)

Two recovery coaching certifications

Certified yoga and meditation teacher

Reikki practicioner and more

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