Group Coaching

Many organizations are now seeing the advantages of group coaching. It is already a proven fact that one to one coaching works, however, when coaching is done in a group, powerful and exciting changes begin to happen within the company culture!

The transformations that occur when a group of people are brought together for the benefit of all are exponential. Not only does each individual in the group grow; the positive shifts that transpire in teams and entire cultures are tremendous. Confidence skyrockets. Employee engagement rises. Hidden brilliance emerges and whole new dynamics of supportive interaction between people begin to occur. Misunderstandings decrease and performance rises. A new energy begins to materialize and a fresh momentum takes place igniting vision, innovation, trust and collaboration.

The benefits to group coaching are numerous!

Group Coaching can:

  • Powerfully improve team performance, bring out group wisdom and talent and grow individuals through group interaction and awareness.
  • Maximize time and energy through synergy
  • Elevate morale
  • Improve empathy and connection and reduce conflict
  • Enhance communication and improve skills
  • Create a culture of leaders, innovators, and initiators through group dynamism
  • Be used as a follow up to training and development so as to better retain the material and apply the learning.
  • Promote higher collaboration between teams and individuals
  • Combine the collective strengths of individuals into a culture of highly engaged individuals
  • Align people to the goals and visions of the organization
  • Challenge people to dig deeper to explore and express more of their abilities

Call us for a phone consult on how group coaching may be the right answer for your team or organization. We would love to hear how we may be able to support you in creating a prosperous and flourishing business environment.

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