“Creatorship Training”
Create. Infuse. Experience.

Are you looking for something new to inspire your workforce? Check out the philosophy behind our Creatorship Training and move beyond leadership development. Shift into the realm of inner genius.

Moving Beyond Leadership Development

Designs To Grow Coaching and Training is here to help individuals and businesses move forward and to actualize their visions, to collaborate with you to energize your vision and create your future in a way that excites you.

Most business and self help books talk about a step-by-step process to making your vision a reality. And even though some of those steps are necessary steps, we see a faster and more conscious way of bringing about the outcomes individuals or business leaders want.

Our way calls for a shift in perception. But this one shift in perception changes everything! It changes the sense of power you feel to get things done and it changes the timing from your vision being realized at some future date, to your vision being realized now.

What is the difference between a leader and a Creator? Leaders are good at influencing and enlisting the support of others in achieving a common goal or vision. The vision may or may not be that of the leader but the leader needs and wants followers to make the vision a reality.

Creators on the other hand not only lead; but they live with the knowing that they are both the creator of their reality and the experiencer of their reality so they are very aware of what they say, what they do and what they bring to each moment. Creators know they are producing outcomes that will bring them closer to or further from their vision by what they infuse into their moment-to-moment creations.

Creators live as if genius is streaming through them gifting them with the inspiration to bring something new and original into being every day and they live open to this opportunity. Their very nature inspires others to follow, and yet having followers is not their goal. Having followers is an outcome of their zest for life and their vision for creating and re-forming new ways of interacting, doing business, living life, parenting or broadening the horizons for what is possible for humanity. They do not settle for what is or conform to mass consciousness, but live from their highest, most open state where the physical reality conforms to who they are and what their vision is versus the other way around.

Creators use the resources of their whole being, not just their physical being and are open to discovering more and more about themselves so they can bring forth more of their infinite wisdom, power and ability to create. They cannot settle for what is known but are explorers of the unknown so that they can infuse more of themselves into their creations and in the process, help others to become more aware of the awesomeness of their beings, as well.

They know beyond a shadow of a doubt that that they are 100% responsible for the outcomes they get, the quality of the relationships they have, the beliefs they hold that may be serving them or not and the visions for their lives that either pull them forward with excitement and enthusiasm or that leave them flat and lifeless. They live with the full awareness of themselves as Creator. They therefore observe their mind and use their mind to their advantage rather than allowing their mind to drive their behaviors and their life.

Creators are fueled by their desire to create, explore, deepen, and expand what is possible in the known Universe rather than reactors to current circumstances.

Creators are the trailblazers. They are vibrant, alive and highly conscious, fueled by not only their own dreams, but also by the upliftment of humanity. They know that it is possible to have great abundance personally, organizationally and collectively and do not live by a scarcity model but rather by a model of prosperity.

Creators define abundance as more than just money. They define it as a fullness of being where they realize that they have enormous inner capacity and so does everyone else! They treat others as if they are brilliant and seek to unleash that brilliance in others and to collaborate with that brilliance knowing that it will only make each other’s creations and experiences better.

Designs To Grow Coaching and Training has put together a program that will take leadership development programs to the next level.

Our program will help you:

  • Create a culture of initiators, collaborators and creators.
  • Build something new instead of fixing the old.
  • Combine the collective strengths, talents and brilliance of your organization so that there is full engagement in an exciting vision
  • Help you or your organization to create an enticing vision
  • Develop the mental toughness needed to stay focused and get the job done no matter what
  • Experience and use the powers of the whole being versus just the physical which will produce new results
  • Produce new thinking and mindsets
  • Learn new skills for communicating that will create a culture of ownership and shared brilliance
  • Acquire the ability to open to a vast field of ideas and inspiration that can spark new visions that can take you and your business to new levels of performance, profit and passion
  • And more….