I don’t know about you but I have a great feeling about 2018. It just feels like there are huge potentials for everyone this year.

Several of my clients experienced a rocky December. It seems that long unresolved situations in their personal and professional lives, such as job dissatisfaction, relationship issues and business partnership upheavals, came to a head and then ended in dissolution. With these endings came intense emotional reactions and a sense of deep despair followed by a clearing and a new sense of resolve, freedom and lightness about themselves as they entered the New Year. Maybe December 2017 didn’t bring on the end of the world as dooms dayers predicted but it sure brought endings to some highly volatile situations for people.

Life does this sometimes. It just comes in and shakes things up and we have to move through the often uncomfortable, yet rewarding cycle of change. The good news is that most of the time, once we move through the loss, doubt and discomfort that accompanies big change, we finally come to the place where we begin to glimpse a brighter and better reality that can only be had once we let go of the old.

It’s always good to consciously define, express and take action on what you want rather than have Life swoop in and pull the rug out from under your feet to get you moving.  I am an absolute believer that we create our own outcomes and that our Spirit is constantly communicating and guiding us towards our health, wealth and happiness. The question is do we listen? And if we do hear the message, do we act on it?

I am going to give you two ways to get in touch with what you want or your vision for 2018 but it’s up to you to take action on them.  The first is the traditional way. The second way is less traditional but works really well as it brings you into the present and allows you and Life to align in perfect cooperation!

Here’s the first way to design your future: 

If 2018 were going to be the beginning of the best, most successful, healthy, happy, inspired and fruitful year of your life, what would that look like? Write down what you envision both personally and professionally and clearly define what you want.

What do you have to let go of as you move into the New Year? Imagine that your perfect reality is awaiting your arrival but before you can enter, you must leave your fears, compromises and old habits at the door.

Who do you need to become in order to produce the outcome you want?

What actions steps do you need to take?

Be real with yourself as you move through this process. Define success and happiness exactly the way it looks for you. The answers to these questions will get you started in creating the future that you want.

Here’s the second way:

Who are you beneath the roles you play? Describe yourself including your likes, dislikes, strengths and personality.

What is uniquely brilliant about you? (Something that you are really good at.)

What messages/knowings have you been getting from Life/Spirit?

How can you express yourself more completely and authentically this year?

What lessons does life consistently try teach you?

What do you stand for personally and professionally?

How do you behave in relationships? How do you believe people should be treated?

What angers you? Why?

If this anger were fuel for you to do something about what you are angry about, what would you do?

Where is your life out of alignment with your truth?

How can you put your life in alignment with the truth of who you are and what you want and believe?

Are you standing in complete confidence or do you still compromise to gain the approval of others?

If you were to FULLY stand in the strengths, talents, brilliance, wisdom and love that you already are how would your Life play out newly?

How can you shape your life so that Life reflects more of who you are?

We all have inspired dreams and visions and we can either manifest those dreams consciously by taking the steps needed to bring them to fruition, or we can let our dreams linger and at some point, Life may swoop in and remove the obstacles more loudly for us. We are meant to be happy, healthy and successful. What can you do today to design your life more authentically and vibrantly with the real you?

Do you want some help defining your business or personal vision?

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 May 2018 be your year of unbridled discovery of the real you.

May it be the year that any falseness or compromise that you have been carrying completely falls away and the real you steps forward and shines like the clearest, most dazzling diamond.

May it be the year that you listen with total clarity and complete trust to that inner voice that knows exactly how to lead you to your highest and best life.

May 2018 be the year where you completely let go of the need to control the path of anyone else because you can see the grand design and brilliance that their path holds for them.

May this be your year to stand in the presence of Life and declare openly who you are and what you stand for.

May you remember this year what it is like to be vulnerable again so that Life can enter your awareness and bring you greater understanding of the beautiful opportunities that the present moment holds.

And may it be the year that your heart totally blossoms so that every word and act becomes an act of love and connection both personally and professionally.