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Why do some people become superstars in their careers and also experience great satisfaction in their lives, as well, while other people remain average in their jobs and often unsettled in their lives and relationships? Come join us for cutting edge trainings that will help you maximize your potential, teach you new skills, increase your awareness and open you to new possibilities.

Designs To Grow offers a wide variety of workshops to our clients. 

Some of our more popular trainings include:

  • Coaching Skills for Leaders and Managers:
  • Mental Toughness
  • Resiliency Training
  • Peer to Peer Coach Training
  • Emotional Intelligence (We also offer EQ assessments to compliment the training.)
  • Leadership Training
  • Management Training
  • Supervisory Training
  • Recognition and Employee Motivation
  • Accountability
  • Energy and Time Management
  • Customer Service
  • Change Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Team Building
  • Meeting Openers
  • Group and Meeting Facilitation
  • Goal Setting

Please let us know if you have a special request for your training needs. We create many custom designed trainings and also collaborate with several other coaches and trainers. Also, ask us about complimenting your training with group coaching, one to one coaching or follow up teleconference calls so that the training becomes deeply ingrained.

The Source Force

Are you ready to become 100% accountable for the results you are getting (or not getting) in business, life and relationships? This is a group coaching and training series for offices, individuals and teams who want to propel themselves to the top by taking full responsibility for becoming the source of their success!

Beyond Competency Leadership Training

Although technical job competency plays a large role in your success, those individuals/groups that become superstars have proficiencies beyond simply being competent in their jobs. Take this training to find out and learn those skills that will take you to the top!

Sign Your Office, Team, Group or Next Tier Leadership up for a career altering, cutting edge experience that will unleash their potential and create business breakthroughs!

Here are what several clients had to say:

“Thank you, Lynn, for what a positive impact you have had on my life. I told a colleague and my daughter that this is the single most revealing, thus hopeful, year of my life. I have you to thank for that, Lynn…you have unlocked thinking and awareness that up to now have eluded me.”Managing Partner, MRINetwork

“Productivity has improved and the general culture of the office has moved from that of an individual approach to a supportive and caring atmosphere. In addition, we have also seen an increase in activity and results.” Managing Partner, Retail Placement Solutions, MRI Network

Is Your Office or Group Looking to Achieve: 

  • Elevated sales
  • Increased Profits
  • A high energy environment that supports, encourages and collaborates
  • An aligned vision and mission
  • A group of peak performers
  • Higher retention rates
  • Getting to the next level

Do you want to:

  • Be seen or developed as a leader?
  • Advance your already existing leadership skills?
  • Progress in your job?
  • Retain your high potential people?
  • Increase your sales?
  • Connect to a wider range of people?
  • Attract success rather than chase it?
  • Be recognized as a top performer in your field?
  • Become a great communicator?
  • Improve relationships in all areas of your life?



  • Stop making excuses for why you have not achieved the level of success you were hoping to attain?
  • Create a high performing team?
  • Be challenged?
  • Take 100% responsibility for your success versus depending on and waiting outside sources to recognize your value?
  • Uncover and remove obstacles to your success?
  • Upgrade and expand your skill set
  • Strategize the actions needed to achieve your goals and vision?
  1. Emotional Intelligence Skills Training
    • Studies at Bell Labs, the world famous “think tank” in Princeton, NJ have concluded that the difference between average employees and “superstars” can be attributed not to skills training or intellectual IQ but to the individual’s emotional IQ.
    • How emotionally intelligent are you as a leader, employee, sales person or manager? What is not being sharp in this skill costing you?
  2. Intuition in Business Training
    • Six in 10 (62 percent) of CEOs indicate that gut feelings are highly influential in guiding their business strategies, while only four in 10 cite internal metrics and financial information (44 percent) or competitor analyses (41 percent). 2006 pr week survey
    • Use intuition when leading, hiring, selling, and deciding on strategic business decisions.
    • Learn how to access your intuition on a higher and more regular basis.
  3. Energy Management Training
    • Why do some offices and people drag while others pump out the business?
    • Individuals and groups with high, balanced and positive energy get more done in less time and attract business rather than chase it.
    • Learn how to raise and manage your energy and operate at peak performance effortlessly.
  4. Group Coaching (Be Coached)
    • Recent studies show business coaching and executive coaching to be the most effective means for achieving sustainable growth, change and development in the individual, group and organization.”- HR Monthly
    • Learning skills is only part of what you need to be successful. Applying the skills is what really counts.
    • Bring actual situations to the calls and be coached on how to apply the skills to your particular situation
  5. Coaching Skills Training (Learn how to coach)
    • More and more business owners, executives and managers are realizing that in order to create leaders as employees, coaching skills must be used when developing their people. Learn how to empower your self and others.
    • Coaching is also a great tool to use in sales as it provides a skill set that helps the client tune into what they really want and need thus the sales person can more readily provide exactly what the client wants, build a relationship in the process and make more sales, more of the time.
    • Executives and HR managers know coaching is the most potent tool for inducing positive personal change, ensuring better than average odds of success and making the change stick for the long term. The Ivy Business Journal
  6. Creating and Aligning to a Vision/Leadership
    • “We are limited, not by our abilities, but by our vision.” Unknown
    • “One measure of leadership is the caliber of people who choose to follow you.” Dennis Peer
    • Having a meaningful vision creates passion. Passion creates energy and focus. When passion is part of a person’s work experience, higher sales, increased energy, and improved retention are the result.
    • Create a personal or organizational vision.
    • This piece of the program can also be used to reevaluate if your existing vision is still meaningful and aligned to your organization or if your vision has since grown and changed.

These Courses are Great For

  • Managers who want to grow their ability to lead
  • Executives looking to develop their next tier leaders
  • Organizations ready to create empowered employees
  • Established Leaders who want to get to the next level or take their team to the next level
  • Individuals who want to develop leadership skills
  • Organizations looking to develop their people in a fun, experiential and powerful way

These Courses are Being Offered Via

  • A series of telephone conference calls. These can be done as part of your morning meeting, a working lunch hour, or an afternoon or morning meeting.
  • In person trainings and group coaching (depending on location) Please call for more information, pricing and scheduling. Lynn Cohen, President, Designs To Grow. 215-504-9188

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